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Welcome to Lazy Chameleon
Offering quality food and a sincere desire to serve you!
The shortened version:

 We at the Lazy Chameleon have  been quiet the last couple weeks.  We were having a Sunday afternoon staff meeting when the announcement came out we would be closing.  Ironically our meeting was about how we would move forward and adapt in this everchanging environment, brainstorming ideas on providing a safe and clean environment, adapting our menu and staff schedules for possible decreased business due to the Covid 19 outbreak.  After the announcement  there were many emotions including anger,   fear and lots of tears.  We employ 5 full timers and 9 part timers.   

We opened in 1998 with the idea of providing freshly prepared and made to order food.  Although this costs a whole lot more because it is cheaper to pull it out of the freezer from a bag, we have always had great pride in our quality of food. We have stood by this standard and never faltered.   Evolving in to a live music venue on Fridays and Saturdays our week day food business has been challenging to promote as  we provide the  weekend  get away for a couple hours  where our guests on Fridays and Saturday can  live, laugh. sing and dance.       

As a Lazy team we pride our self in taking care of our guests 100%.  Rob and I are  members of the Powell community with our kids participating in school sports and community events.  We consistently  challenge our Lazy team to support our fellow small businesses as well.   We do not  draw attention to ourselves and do not share outwardly all the causes we have supported at the Lazy Chameleon over the years.  We keep quiet and keep moving forward. We have opened our doors, assisted in coordinating and raising money for so many causes. This has been our way of giving back. 

Monday morning after the announcement,  we opened our walk in and invited the staff to take what they need to provide for their families. Needless to say we chose that road instead of the carryout option.   Keeping a social distance, the staff has been working on cleaning, bleaching, painting and updating our restaurant.  We will reopen for carryout as soon as we complete our short term remodel goals.  Once this is over we will continue to provide exceptional service, high quality freshly prepared food and beverage selections and welcome you back to a new and fresh environment for you and your families. 

Thank you for your patronage over the last 20 years.  We look forward to re opening very soon with a whole new twist.  Stay tuned and be safe!



The name comes from the mindset that when you walk into The Lazy Chameleon you can change your colors so to speak. We specialize in GREAT SEAFOOD, OUTSTANDING LIVE MUSIC, and EXTREMELY FRIENDLY SERVICE. People ask is the Lazy Chameleon a restaurant or bar? Well, its both and a whole lot more. Enjoy the site, check out the NEW MENU and the entertainment that is upcoming.
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Thinking about a venue for a fundraiser or social event?   Email for more info.

Beach Volleyball will be here before you know it!  Now accepting registrations for Lazy Chameleon Volleyball Leagues  Summer Session.  Email for more info!
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Happy Hour 12-5
$7 Pizzas
$4 Bloody Mary

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4028 Presidential Pkwy
Powell, OH 43065
Phone: 614- 792 - 8393
Latitude: 40 8’ 53.7‘ N
Longitude: 83 5’ 29.5’ W